Saskatoon's Adult Rec Paintball League!

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How often are games? - Games are every Tuesday evening.  Depending on how many teams register for the season games will be scheduled to start at 6:30pm.  If we reach full capacity it may be necessary to occasionally have a team begin at 5:30pm.  We won't be able to determine this until registration is complete.  Every effort will be made to minimize early starts to allow for travel time for many who work until 5pm. 

How long do games last? Your team will play three different, task oriented games for points in a one hour segment. 

Do I have to sign a waiver and attend a safety brief before every game?  No.  Before the season begins there will be a Welcome Night where all players in attendance will receive one detailed safety briefing for the entire season and each players' waiver will be collected and retained on file.  This way players can be expedited onto the field and get right to the action!

What is the cost to play?  Please click this link to the fees and benefits page  Click here!

How many players are allowed on each team?  Each teams game night roster must consist of six players.  Your team can register a maximum of eight players.  A minimum of three players must be in attendance 10 minutes before your scheduled game to avoid forfeiture.

Is my league membership benefits valid outside of league play?  All of your entry fees for league play are included in your initial registration fee.  This fee does not apply to non-league play at Rock Ridge Paintball Games, however discounts on merchandise do apply for purchases in our retail store for the league season.  Your league I.D. card and photo I.D. must be presented for discounts. 

What is the minimum age to join the league?  The minimum age is 16 year old.

What if I don't have enough players to create a team?  If you would like to join the league but don't have enough players please give us a call!  We will have a running list of individuals and create teams on your behalf.  The cost of the new team will be split 6 ways.  

What are the rules and when will they be posted?   Rules for game play will conform with accepted industry methods and practices pertaining to safety and sportsmanship.  All rules will be reviewed from a draft and officiated after consensus from all team Captains.

Is it too late to register a team?  Registration closed March 31st however if there is a team still interested in joining the request will be brought forward to the other team captains for acceptance.  Fees will not be prorated.  


Saskatoon's Adult Rec Paintball League!