The Games

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The Games

On game night sceduled teams will play for one hour that includes three different skirmishes for points.  Each skimish will be a maximim of 15 minutes.   A team may be scheduled for their game starting at either 5:30pm, 6:30 or 7:30pm depending on the season roster.  This will be determined after registration is closed and the total number of teams are scheduled.  

Game One - Capture the Flag (Center Flag)

Each team will try to capture the flag positioned in the center of the field and return it to their base.


4 pts for capturing the flag and returning it to your base within 15 minutes

2pts for each team if the flag doesn't move and time limit expires

2pts for the team in possession of the flag when the time limit expires. 


Game Two - Team Elimination

Each team will try to eliminate any or all of the other teams players within 15 minutes.


6 points for eliminating all of the opposing teams players within 15 minutes - elimited team counts no points.

1pt for each player eliminated on each team when the time limit is expired.

Game Three -  Hot Potato

Teams will try to move the potato, (ok its a barrel but it could be a potato) across the halfway point of the field toward the opposing team.  The goal is to ensure the potato is across the line before the time limit expires. 


4pts to the team that does not have the potato on their side when the time limit expires.

0pts if the potato does not move.


**Note:  The point system is subject to change before the commencement date of the 2015 season.  Any rule changes during the regular season will be made with full consultation with each team captain.