The Rules

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The Rules

General Park Rules

  • Drugs and alcohol are prohibited.  Players who arrive intoxicated or appear intoxicated will not be allowed to play and may be asked to leave.
  • Rock Ridge Paintball and Laser Tag Games is a family park.  Please refrain from using foul language.
  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the facilty except outside in designated areas.
  • When an electrical storm is approaching players will discontinue play retreat to the safe area until the storm has safely passed and there is no risk of lightning strikes to the surface.
  • Please place all garbage and recycling in designated container.  Please don’t litter!
  • This league is designed for fun - Respect your fellow players


Game Rules:

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Our Safety Commitment

Rock Ridge Paintball Games considers the safety of our guests and of our employees to be the highest priority.  We are committed to practicing, developing, reviewing and improving on all aspects of safety related to paintball and laser tag games.  We will insist that safety is an integral part of the culture created at our facility.